Loits “Vere kutse” DVD-R




Loits ‎”Vere Kutse – The Story Of The Origins Of Flak’n’Roll”. Lühifilm Loitsu käekäigus sünnist “Vere kutse kohustab” albumini.
Loits “Vere Kutse – The Story Of The Origins Of Flak’n’Roll”. The professionally dubbed DVD-R comes in a DVD-case with a colour-printed sleeve containing a foreword.

The respective movie was put together for the “Vere Kutse Kohustab” album presentation party. After a brief “tour” of Estonia the band decided to release the movie titled “Vere Kutse” on a DVD-R, since the number of people who wanted it for their private collections was growing rapidly.

The movie features several interviews with the band and the people close to the band as well as rare footage of concerts and of the European tour. Now that the movie is over a year old, it can very well be called a brief but concise overview of the story of the origins of both Loits as well as Flak’n’Roll. In a nutshell – 45 minutes of tears, joy and rock’n’roll!!!

At this time, unfortunately, the movie is only available in Estonian, but the band is diligently working on the translation, and hopefully by this summer also a subtitled English version will be ready.